(A partial list)

Global Warming

The Democrats

President Obama

Low unemployment rates in 2016

The Steele Dossier

“Russia, Russia, Russia”


The Mueller Investigation

Criminal charges against Paul Manafort


New York Times story about conditions in detention camps

Claim of rape against him

The Green New Deal

Counterintel investigation into his 2016 campaign

Reports that he altered a hurricane map with a Sharpie

New York Times story about Ukraine whistleblower

The Ukraine Scandal

His Impeachment


Video of him calling coronavirus a hoax

“the politicization of the China Virus”

Supreme Court ruling about his income tax returns

Mail-in voting

Complaints about bizarre changes at the Post Office

Gen. Colin Powell

No College Football because of coronavirus

Intel reports on Putin’s desire for Trump’s re-election

Russian bounties to Afghans for dead American soldiers

The Atlantic story about comments insulting service members

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