BTW, here’s the “tell” from Sen. Ron Johnson’s Meet the Press self-immolation yesterday:

JOHNSON: “You set this thing up totally biased. I could never really get into the full narrative.”

Yes, the “full narrative.” The “full narrative” is why you never hear Republicans actually answer simple questions in public anymore. Their president has implicated himself, in public, in an actual federal crime. That’s why their defense of their president demands a full narrative, which is code for “an alternate reality.”

In this alternate reality, Russia never hacked our 2016 election: The Urkaine did, for the Democrats, and blamed it on Vlad Putin. And it spins outward from there, with the villainous Democrats, the FBI, the CIA, the FISA Court, the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton becoming more and more outrageous with each turn.

There’s a name for this “full narrative” now: “The Mega Conspiracy.” And this is where we are: Trump’s Mega Conspiracy is the final refuge of his MAGA scam. There is no longer a hill on which Trump and his defenders can choose to die. There is only this fever swamp of imaginary grievance and persecution fanatasies.

And this is how the 20th century American Conservative Movement — this cultural construct that flowed from William F. Buckley to Barry Goldwater and down through Ronald Reagan to Dubya and Dick Cheney and now Trump — meets its end.

There were a few basic truths within it, once, but after decades of gaslighting the American public about the very nature of reality, it is reduced to nothing more than swamp gas.

Now we merely wait for the fever to run its course.

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