Reader Goodies

Here at Dan Conover Novel Writing Industries, Inc., we’re all about the reader. And by that we mean to say, so long as you buy and like our books or indicate that you might buy (and, with any luck, also like) more of them, we’re basically willing to do all sorts of things to thank you. Because you’re our audience and our business and we’re not kidding around about how important that makes you.

Whereas if you’re not buying the books, our only question is “Why not?” And if you’ve bought one and didn’t like it, we ask “Well, wait. Did you read ALL the books? Because when you read ALL THE BOOKS, it becomes abundantly clear why the one you just read and didn’t like is actually INCREDIBLE.”

So, dear reader — and I’m actually serious about this — what can I do for you?

If you’re here for the PowerPoint version of the THRILLING CONCLUSION to Another Goddamn Novel About The Collapsing Quantum Multiverse, you’ll find it here. And if you’re looking for the promised “easteregg” from that novel, you’ll find it here.

But maybe you want something else. Tell me, and if I can provide it, I’ll do so and update this page to reflect the new stuff.

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