So some of you know me pretty well, and maybe you’ve noticed that for the past month or so I’ve had my head down in a project.

Well, TA-DA!

Back in mid-October I decided to use a momentary seasonal lull in my schedule to convert my backlog of manuscripts into ebooks, re-edit them, publish them via (initially), and build the necessary web infrastructure to get the word out.

Because writing novels is one thing. But getting those books out to readers? Another thing.

I’m not entirely ready, of course. I’ve still got a punch list. But I’ve been doing this kind of thing long enough now to know that you always have a punch list, and the perfect is the enemy of the done.

So there’s a new website where I’ll be blogging about fiction and trying to connect with readers. And there’s a site solely for The Darbas Cycle, with maps and information to support the first two books in the Key To Darbas series (A Madness and Siobeth). And there’s even a simple little site I made for Bokur. There’s also a Facebook author page that I want everyone to “like.”

But the real news today isn’t that Xarktopia LLC has published four ebooks via Amazon. It’s that beginning today, I’m asking everyone I know to please browse around and buy some of them.

That’s in part because when you buy one of my ebooks, I get paid. But it’s also because writers need readers. And now that the new economy has bypassed the foundering mainstream publishing industry, the relationship between writer and reader is both personal and immediate.

It’s also more affordable than ever. Even if you don’t own a dedicated ebook reader, if you own a smart phone or tablet, you can download a free Kindle app that will let you read all this cool stuff. I’ve priced Bokur and Another Goddamn Novel About The Collapsing Quantum Multiverse at the Amazon “suggested minimum” of $2.99. And I knocked down the cost of A Madness to Amazon’s lowest available price ($0.99) in hopes that once you read the first book in The Key to Darbas, you’ll want to buy the sequel.

So here’s the ask: Would you please buy one of my ebooks? And if you like what you read, would you please post a review and tell your friends about it?

Because it’s all about you now.



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