Because what the world really needs right now is yet another website.

So why do I keep churning them out?


Because while I have a Dan Conover website, it’s really kind of an “everything I do” website that doesn’t take posts. Just pages. And while I do have that old Xark! blog on Typepad, it’s mostly defunct, a relic of a hopeful era that got paved. And yes, I’ve got a soccer site and a bike repair site, but those are businesses. And sure, there’s a nice little book site for The Darbas Cycle, plus a crappy little thing I put up for Bokur.

But what I need is something that fits under that talks about writing fiction, mostly, but isn’t specific to any particular book or a series. Something not so formally defined. Something I can mess with.

But to have informality like that, it’s got to fit into a system of knowledge, an ontology, a …

Oh who am I kidding? I’ve got OCD or something.




TOP PHOTO: Beautiful women hang all over me wherever I go. In this case, it’s my stepdaughter, Callie Hartsell, at a Charleston Battery match in 2013.

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