So here’s the easteregg from Another Goddamn Novel About The Collapsing Quantum Multiverse.

Fill out this contact form and I will add you to the Alert Reader Hall of Fame, which will be a chronological list of every person who has reached that point in the book and checked to see whether I’d actually create an easteregg for you.  Plus, in addition to adding you to this site, I’ll also send you a PDF of a certificate with your name on it, suitable for printing, and maybe even framing.

To qualify for this illustrious honor, you must first perform two perilous tasks.

  1. You must enter the words “Hall of Fame” in the Subject field in the contact form below, and EXACTLY THUS (Hall of Fame, with spaces, no quotation marks, upper and lower case, capitalizing the letters “H” and “T”);
  2. You must look back at the sentence in Another Goddamn Novel About The Collapsing Quantum Multiverse that contains the URL for this page. The sentence contains two words in quotation marks. Enter those two words in the Password field of the contact form below following this format EXACTLY: Combine the two words into one word, with no space between them, and make the entire one word uppercase.
  3. It is extremely important that you do this exactly as I tell you. Because there are rules, and if you don’t follow them, bad things happen.

If you’re in the mood, please use the comment box to tell us a bit about yourself (Where are you from? What do you do? Do you ride a bicycle with more than one gear?). You may also say something nice or funny about the book, if you’re feeling nice and/or funny.


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