Dear Sen. Graham:

I have written to you numerous times since January. Sometimes I’ve encouraged you to vote a particular way. Sometimes I have written to praise you for a particular stance or action.

Today I write to express my utter disgust with your alleged “health care” bill.

My wife and I earn our living solely through our small business. Before the ACA took effect, it was impossible for us to purchase meaningful health insurance. Thanks to President Obama and the Democrats, we’re covered again.

What’s your contribution? A sham bill that purports to “improve” the ACA while cynically gutting it.

Your bill is a lie. Your description of it is a lie.

What does that make you?

Sixty percent of Americans now agree that the federal government has a responsibility for providing care for all citizens. A majority of Americans want you Republicans to stop messing with health care and move on to something else. So why are you and your Republican colleagues so obsessed with trying to harm the people? In the name of what? Freedom? Listen here: I don’t have the freedom to purchase insurance I can’t afford.

Why do you hate us so much?

At long last, sir: WTAF is wrong with you?

Dan Conover

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