After a little reflection, I think the most obvious observation about tonight’s event is one that I just haven’t seen stated yet on the news sites I visit: Never in the history of televised presidential debates has the American public witnessed a major party candidate make such an outrageous spectacle of himself.

I can’t think of an even vaguely comparable example, dating all the way back to the original Nixon-Kennedy in 1960. It’s not even close. Tonight was the absolute worst, most obviously personally disqualifying presidential debate performance in the history of the United States of America.

Sure there have been gaffes. But the nominee of the Republican Party just got on national television and could not even credibly pretend to be a serious adult human being.

The part at the end? When he demanded credit for not saying something mean that he was going to say about Clinton, because she’s been so mean and unfair to him?

You think that’s what presidents do? You think that’s what leaders do? You think that’s what grown-ups do? No, that’s what people with narcissistic personality disorders do.

That’s what matters. That’s the lede. And if you seriously, seriously think tonight’s lede is some arcane point about this question or that policy, then you’ve simply got to reconsider your perspective. If you’re consciously or subconsciously shoehorning an obvious anomaly into a vague journalistic or personal norm that obscures the observable reality, then you’re not doing anyone — including yourself — any favors.

And if you’re seriously still considering voting for that trainwreck of a human being this November, then shame on you

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